XV Self-Defense Challenge Finalists
XV Self-Defense Challenge
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Fudoshin Challenge II at Valente Brothers
Fudoshin Challenge II, A Success
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VB Black Belt Bruce Belfield teaching women how to defend them selves
Women’s Self-Defense
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Gui Valente in Essex, England
Gui Valente Teaches in England
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YFC Summer 2015 2
150 Young Champions
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Houston Summer 2015
VB at Houston
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Why did GM Helio Gracie stop supporting sport Jiu-Jitsu events?
The efforts to create a tournament sport out of Jujutsu, both in Japan and in Brazil, failed to preserve, as it was originally intended in both cases, the complete combat nature of the art. In order to be competitive in the highly specialized sports of judo or sport BJJ, high level practitioners were unable to spend enough time honing their stand up striking, stand up self defense, and ground strike defense skills therefore fundamentally changing the essence of what was once considered the most complete and effective fighting system ever created.
The original Gracie brothers, Carlos & Helio, always considered Jiu-Jitsu to be the most effective art of self-defense and not a competition sport. In order to prove the superiority of Jiu-Jitsu over other styles, they created Vale Tudo (MMA). Through Helio’s epic battles against the best fighters of his time, they were able to prove their point and attain international notoriety. Many years’ later, by influence of some students and family members who wanted to compete against other Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, GM Helio decided to take part in an effort to create a JJ federation for the organization of grappling tournaments. However, as he noticed that these regulated competitions were causing a mutation of the fundamental principles and objectives of his style of JJ, he decided to resign from the federation. According to the GM, this occurred because the awarding of points for positional superiority and the institution of time limits prevented the utilization of a defensive strategy from the bottom, which is what had enabled JJ representatives to defeat their biggest and toughest opponents. By examining some of the most important fights in the recent history of JJ, such as Rickson vs. Zulu, Royce vs Severn and Nogueira vs. Bob Sapp, one can conclude that the utilization of a defensive strategy from the bottom enabled the JJ representatives to tire out their opponents and defeat them once they committed a mistake, as predicated by GMs Carlos & Helio. It is important to note that all three JJ representatives would've lost by today's point system.
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Professor Pedro Valente with VB Black Belts Julian Ortega (right) and Eduardo Cambas (left), who found time in his busy teaching schedule at VB Pembroke Pines to attend tonight's lessons at VB Headquarters in North Miami Beach. #valentebrothers #753code #jiujitsu ... See MoreSee Less

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The power of leverage at VB Guatemala. #valentebrothers #753code #jiujitsu ... See MoreSee Less

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Yesterday, @PedroValenteVB had the honor to return to his Alma Mater, the University of Miami, as a special guest, to give a special lecture. He was invited by UM sociology professor Ramsey Dahab to speak of how the Brazilian culture influenced jujutsu, the millenary Japanese martial art. #valentebrothers #753code #jiujitsu #canes ... See MoreSee Less

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