“During his life time, Grand Master Helio Gracie, taught self-defense to thousands of students. The Valente Brothers not only learned the techniques well enough to qualify as teachers under his strict requirements, but more importantly they have also become imbued with my father’s principles of integrity and wholesome living. We are honored to have them as our representatives.”

Rorion Gracie
Eldest son of Hélio Gracie
9th Degree Red Belt

“Police Officers risk their lives daily and often go into life threatening situations dangerously unprepared. It is only courage, determination and a drive to do the right thing that sustains them. The assistance and support you have provided our training unit has ensured that we can teach good men and women how to defend themselves when all other methods fail. We can be confident that the techniques being taught are backed by years of tradition; a tradition brought to us by families, like yours, that emphasize realism, effectiveness, and honor. You see my friends, when people face death daily you cannot fool them with inadequate fighting methods or flashy, commercial self defense systems, they recognize and appreciate reality! Thanks to you, we have been able to provide that realism in the training we offer our personnel. We look forward to a long lasting relationship and many success stories from our Officers.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our department!”

Victor M Gatell Jr
Miami-Dade Police Department
Training Bureau-Police Survival Unit

“I have trained with the Valente Brothers since 1996. They learned Gracie Jiujitsu from its founder, Grand master Helio Gracie and his son Royler. They refined their technique under their father, Vale Tudo Champion and 8th degree Gracie Jiujitsu Black Belt, Dr. Pedro Valente. But it’s not just their physical, mental, and spiritual mastery of technique that makes them the best: It’s their thorough understanding of how to TEACH the art of jiujitsu. That’s why the Valente Brothers are among only a handful of Gracie Black belts to be certified by Helio Gracie as full Gracie Jiujitsu Professors. Quite simply, almost anyone can teach a 250 gorilla how to fight. Only a Master Professor can teach a 140 lb weakling how to beat a Gorilla.”

Miguel Diaz de la Portilla
Florida Senator and former Miami-Dade County Commission Chairman

“After thinking of ways to mix up my exercise routine and improve my strength and flexibility, I decided to try Gracie [Jiu-Jitsu] after a recommendation from a friend. Granted, I’ve never been a pushover and didn’t worry about my ability to defend myself generally, but now, it’s different! The things I’ve learned from Gui and Pedro amaze me! You’d never know how effective you can be in a difficult situation without this instruction. What these guys teach is the no-nonsense, bottom line, know what you have to know to stop someone, course. Everyone at their facility seems to have been trained in the art of personal relations and skill in the art, which is a direct testament to the brothers personality and philosophy of kindness and toughness, all perfectly wrapped up into one great experience.

Not only have I made great progress physically, I’ve made some great new friends who share my passion for good in many respects including health and personal development.

I highly recommend this for everyone, young and old!”

Charles W. Burkett
Former Mayor of Surfside