Valente Brothers' mission is to raise the physical confidence and overall wellbeing of students of all ages by teaching the most complete and effective self defense skill set in the world. We are committed to preserving the technical and philosophical roots of jujutsu (jiu-jitsu) as transmitted directly to three generations of the Valente family by the greatest exponent of the art in the modern era, Grandmaster Helio Gracie. We are fully dedicated to a teaching methodology that focuses on personal relationships and attention-to-detail within a safe, clean, positive and respectful atmosphere.



Over the last 50 years, three generations of the Valente family have learned Jiu-Jitsu directly from Grand Master Hélio Gracie. Pedro Valente Sr. started learning judo at the age of nine. Pedro’s dad Syllo Valente, was an admirer of Helio Gracie and took Pedro, who was 12 at the time, to watch the world title fight between Helio and Kimura. The challenge took place at Maracana Stadium that seats over 100,000 spectators. Even though the heavier Kimura won, they were very impressed with Hélio’s amazing technique and decided to enroll at the original Gracie Academy in Rio de Janeiro.


Valente Brothers teaching the US Army in North Miami Beach, Florida.



Brothers Pedro, Gui and Joaquim Valente together teach daily in North Miami Beach.


All affiliated locations are independently owned and operated by world class VB Black Belt Professors.