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Thursday, Nov 29, 2012 - 17:41

Gui Valente in Switzerland

Professor Gui visited the Triangle Academy in Zurich

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Gui Valente teaching in Zurich
Gui Valente teaching in Zurich

On Saturday, November 24th, Professor Gui Valente visited the Triangle Academy in Zurich and taught a special class to instructors and students of the Triangle Academy team.

The academy, open since 1995, is led by Black Belt Franco Vacirca and is located just minutes away from central Zurich. Franco follows the teaching methodology of the late Grandmaster Pedro Hemetério, one of Grandmaster Helio Gracie's top disciples. Thi focus towards the roots of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is was what triggered the invitaion to bring the Valente Brothers method to Zurich.

The class taught by Professor Gui was an overview of traditional Gracie Jiu-JItsu and touched some of the fundamental principles of Self-Defense and the Helio Gracie fighting strategy and philosophy


Gui Valente in Zurich
The traditional group picture

On a spcial note, Valente Brothers would like to thank the Traingle Academy, Mr. Franco Vacirca and all students who attended this special class. Also attending the class was Valente Brothers Purple Belt, Neris Gonzales. Currently living in Madrid, Spain, Neris made the trip to Zurich exclusively to participate in the class. Thank you Neris.

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