The Valente Brothers™ belt system was developed to reward students who practice Jiu-Jitsu on and off the mat. The different levels represented by colors recognize the gradual development of Jiu-Jitsu in a person. The various ranks of Jiu-Jitsu are conferred on students upon attainment of knowledge and through performance, as evidenced through many areas of the student’s life. These include technical knowledge, training frequency, ability to perform techniques under resistance, positive attitude, and overall conduct. Professor Pedro Valente has been teaching in South Florida for over fifteen years. It is important to note that a belt, even the black, does not entitle a practitioner to teach.


James Robertson (Professor Belt)Carlos Villares (Professor Belt)
Anire Okupaku (Professor Belt)Gaetano Scuderi (Professor Belt)
Julian Ortega (Red Bar)Bruce Belfield (Red Bar)
Burak Eyilik (Red Bar)Roberto Fleischmann (Red Bar)
Oliver Jordan (Red Bar)Eduardo Cambas (Red Bar)
Jack Walker (Red Bar)Roy Cantu (Red Bar)
Dan RozenbergPaul Hansen
Jex FontaineCalvin Carter
Eric StupelKeith Romer
Frank FloresKen DelletteKeith Lampert
Vinicius PiresEnrique Montoya
Felipe Lay (Red Bar)Miguel Reyes
Marcel Silveira (Red Bar)Chris Garber
Jim RoachJoel Infante (Red Bar)
Cornelius DraneJohn Roper
Richard FriedmanAndrew Schmer
Sam GarciaErsin Alpaslan
Moti Horenstein