Young and True Champions

Today, students, parents and teachers came together for a great day of Jiu-Jitsu, friendship, and knowledge. Our Little Champs and Juniors students participated in this year’s Youth Fellowship Challenge demonstrating high levels of technique and confidence. The event took off with a speech by Professor Pedro Valente, who stressed the purpose of the challenge as being to create self-confidence and provide a life lasting experience for all. Professor Valente also reminded parents that Jiu-Jitsu, unlike other recreational sports, should constitute an integral part of every child’s education. Following Pedro’s remarks, over 100 great sparring matches took place and filled parents, family members and teachers with pride. Finally, Professor Gui Valente, assisted by purple belt Eric Mainade, mesmerized the audience with a breathtaking demonstration of our stand up self defense system. He performed effective defenses against choke holds, grabs, bear hugs, punches and kicks. At the end, all participants were rewarded with a gold medal for their efficiency, dedication and discipline.

Valente Brothers would like to thank all of our students, staff and families for their ongoing support and commitment to our school.

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