Brazilian Senate will pay tribute and honor Hélio Gracie

 On November 17, the Brazilian Senate will pay tribute and honor one of the world’s most prominent martial artists. Senator Arthur Virgilio from the state of Amazonas, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, requested the special session following Grandmaster Hélio Gracie’s passing. In his request, the Brazilian Senator stated, “A master of the masters, a resistant warrior and an obstinate fighter left us”. The Senator added, “Victorious even in defeat, Hélio was able to overcome his weak body, spinal problems, and a fragile health to become a singular athlete. He deepened the teachings of his brother Carlos and modernized the Jiu-Jitsu that Japan forgot.” The Senator also pointed out, among other things, that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu proved to be the most effective Martial Art and originated Mixed Martial Arts. The Senator finished his request by thanking the Gracie family for teaching him, “the art of facing life’s challenges with confidence rather than submission”.

On a special note, Dr. Pedro Valente Sr. was invited as a special guest by Senator Arthur Virgilio to attend the commemorative session in Brasília.