Valente Brothers Welcomes Rickson Gracie

Master Rickson Gracie arrived in Miami this Thursday morning and visited Valente Brothers during the Grappling Techniques and Sparring classes. Professor Pedro Valente introduced Rickson to the class expressing his gratitude for Rickson’s contributions to the establishment of Gracie Jiu-JItsu as the most efficient Martial Art and for Rickson’s will to teach at Valente Brothers.  Rickson thanked all students and teachers for the warm welcome and said, “I am very proud to witness the success Pedro, Guilherme and Joaquim have achieved by maintaining my father’s (Grandmaster Hélio Gracie) style and method”. Following the class, Rickson sat on the mat and spent over one hour talking Jiu-JItsu with students and professors. Rickson’s seminars are confirmed for this Saturday and Sunday, March 27 and 28. Unfortunately, both sessions are sold out. Rickson promised to be back very soon. Academia Gracie’s black belt, Renato Barreto or “Barretinho” will be accompanying Rickson during his stay in the US.

More pictures of Rickson’s surprise visit.