Over 40 new belts and a great night

Once again hundreds of students, friends and family members attended the Valente Brothers biannual Belt Promotion Ceremony. The Summer Belt Ceremony awards blue, purple, and brown belts. This year’s ceremony was exceptional in many regards. Our new Pembroke Pines Valente Brothers location produced its first two blue belts. Professor Pedro Valente opened the evening with a fine speech touching on some important historical and philosophical points. He talked about the value of learning jiu-jitsu and the importance of influencing friends and family to experience the transformative benefits of this wonderful art. One remarkable aspect of the belt ceremonies is the positive energy that is felt by all present. The expressions of pride and happiness are noticeable in the faces of not only the promoted students, but also fellow training partners and family members. Valente Brothers is proud to extend warm congratulations to all the students who worked hard to deserve a new belt.