Professor Pedro Valente and Rickson Gracie in Rio de Janeiro

During his visit to Rio de Janeiro, where he is spending time with his father, Professor Pedro Valente was invited by Master Rickson Gracie to participate in his Invisible Jiu-Jitsu Seminar. The event was held in a professional soccer club in Lagoa, a district in the south side of the city. Many black belts were in attendance including Kyra Gracie and Rickson’s son Kron. The seminar was taught in English given the presence of foreigners in Rio due to the occurrence of an international jiu-jitsu tournament this coming weekend. During the seminar, Rickson taught many of the same techniques that he imparted in march at VBJJ in Miami. At the Q&A section, in the end of the seminar, an international participant asked Master Rickson’s opinion on competition Jiu-Jitsu. He responded that “competition jiu-jitsu represents only 30% of real jiu-jitsu.” He went on to say that “without the other 70%, which includes stand up self defense, defensive striking and clinching skills and an efficient vale-tudo guard, practitioners cannot develop the confidence to walk the streets knowing that they can survive a possible confrontation.”