Royler Gracie will join Royce for a super seminar on December 4

For the first time ever in Miami, brothers Royler and Royce Gracie will team up to teach a super seminar at Valente Brothers. The fifth and sixth sons of Grandmaster Hélio Gracie are world renowned fighters and teachers. Royce Gracie was the first ever inductee to the UFC Hall of Fame and is a 3x UFC Open Weight Champion. Royler, is a multiple time Sport Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling World Champion. The seminar will take place on December 4th from 2PM – 6PM at the Valente Brothers Headquarters in North Miami Beach. The seminar will cover a variety of grappling, throwing and striking techniques. Valente Brothers students may register at the school’s front desk. Visiting students will be placed on a waiting list and will be confirmed on a first come first serve basis on October 11.  Professors Pedro, Gui, and Joaquim are very proud and honored with this opportunity and strongly recommend all VB students to take opportunity of this rare and special event. The Valente brothers grew up training and learning from Grandmaster Hélio Gracie and his sons. Royler Gracie was the head professor at the Academia Gracie Humaitá in Rio de Janeiro where the Valentes grew up training.