Valente Brothers 1st Black Belts

After eighteen years since Pedro Valente started teaching jiu-jitsu in Miami and 28 black belts have been awarded, Valente Brothers would like to honor its first black belt recipients Jimmy Robertson and Carlos Villares. Both of them were classmates of Pedro Valente at the American School in Rio de Janeiro and moved to Miami in 1993/94 to attend university. Through their dedication to jiu-jitsu and the Valente Brothers School they consolidated their skills as practitioners and teachers and were awarded the coveted VB Black Belt in 2003 during that year’s Annual Dinner. Today Jimmy is a dedicated and talented professor who is admired and appreciated by the entire Valente Brothers family and Carlos, in addition to his toughness on the mat, is a successful business man who has been able to auspiciously utilize jiu-jitsu off the mat in his flourishing career. Valente Brothers is proud of Jimmy and Carlos’ achievements and recognizes their loyalty and commitment.