Gui Valente in Guatemala

On Friday professor Gui Valente arrived in Guatemala City for the first time to teach exclusive seminars to Roberto Fleischmann’s students. Gracie Guatemala is a school of self-defense that follows 100% the methodology of the Valente Brothers. Black Belt Instructor Roberto Fleischmann brought Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to Guatemala and has been a student of Royce Gracie and the Valente Brothers for over 15 years.  Professor Pedro has been teaching in Guatemala at least once a year since 2003 and since then, there has been a very strong connection between Valente Brothers and Gracie Guatemala.

Professor Gui, taught a special class to US Navy Seals stationed in the country. The American operatives are there to help train Guatemalan forces to fight drug cartels. On Saturday, Gui taught two seminars. The first, a 4 hours seminar that covered striking and clinching techniques, takedowns, grappling and the Jiu-JItsu philosophy. Lastly, Professor Valente taught a fun and instructional youth class. Gui was very impressed with the high level of all students, “Professor Fleischmann and all students are doing a great job and I really felt like home, I hope to be back very soon.”