Jiu-Jitsu for Business, the ultimate strategy

Your company faces a much bigger opponent. Is there a way to turn your competitor’s size into an advantage for you? Your fiercest rival is gaining momentum in the marketplace. How can you turn that energy against him? Your biggest competitor keeps beating you to the punch, cutting into your business with superior speed. What can you do to flip the situation around and win back your customers?

These are comon questions in business that can be answered using the Jiu-JItsu philosophy and strategy.

Jiu-Jitsu emphasizes winning in combat by using your opponent’s weight and strength as weapons against him, while preserving your own mental and physical energy. It embodies the principle that good technique can win out over sheer strength.

Valente Brothers purple belt, Alan Macken is one of the many prominent businessman at Valente Brothers that use this milineary philosophy to succeed in the business world.

An entrepreneur and self-starter, Alan S. Macken is a 23-year real estate professional. During a career that began in 1986, Alan has honed his skills as a developer, investor and constructor. He has negotiated a variety of transactions for and worked successfully in partnership with the Coca-Cola Corporation, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Circle K Corporation, Texaco Gasoline, Bank of Puerto Rico (Banco Popular) and USA Grocers Corporation.

Alan is currently running for the prestigious Miami Herald award, the Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge. Click on the link below to vote on Alan’s Bid That Projectbusiness plan.

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