The Youth Fellowship Challenge is a success

This year’s summer Youth Fellowship Challenge (YFC) was once again a success. With boys and girls from North Miami Beach, Pembroke Pines and Fort Lauderdale, and nearly 200 parents and friends in attendance, it proved once again to be a winning experience for everyone involved. Professor Pedro Valente opened the challenge with a speech reminding all participants, parents, and friends of the fellowship and positive nature of the YFC. Professor Valente also explained that Jiu-Jitsu provides children with the ability to improvise based on the skills they acquire during training and that this ability is extremely valuable in many other areas of life.

As usual, the challenge was divided into two parts. Initially, the little champs and juniors took action and later Juniors 1 and 2 demonstrated their skills. A great attribute of the YFC is that it provides participants with the opportunity to perform under pressure in a safe and positive setting.

In closing, Professor Valente thanked all present and in special the parents who believe in the Valente Brothers youth program and continuously support the school.