Valente Gracie 60th Anniversary

Exactly 60 years ago, on April 27, 1953, Pedro Valente Sr. took his first jiu-jitsu lesson at the Academia Gracie in Rio de Janeiro. That Monday afternoon marked the beggining of a journey which established a deep-rooted connection between the Valente and the Gracie families, and laid the ground for the creation of Valente Brothers. Today, Valente Brothers remains 100% loyal to the principles and ideals of the original Academia Gracie and their leaders Grand Masters Carlos and Helio Gracie. As we reflect upon the life-transforming philosophy and the priceless techniques that three generations of our family have learned through out these 60 years, our hearts are filled with gratitude to all of our teachers, and motivation to continue to pass on this invaluable knowledge to all of our students.

The following is a list of every member of the Valente family who learned jiu-jitsu at the Academia Gracie: Dr. Syllo Valente, Gen. Eliezer Valente, Dr. Pedro Valente Sr., Pedro Valente, Guilherme Valente, Joana Valente and Joaquim Valente.