The Heat was on at the Belt Ceremony

The Heat was on early at the Valente Brothers 2013 Summer Belt Promotion Ceremony. Congratulations to all students who received new belts and thank you to everyone who was in attendance.

The traditional gauntlet at the 2013 Valente Brothers Summer Belt Ceremony.

To exemplify the spirit of Valente Brothers and our Belt Ceremonies here is a message posted by one of our students in her Facebook page:

“Today I am happy, proud of myself and very grateful to the path in this adventure of Jiu-Jitsu that barely begins. Today not only I received a blue belt as a symbol of my effort but also the knowledge acquired in this year and a half that passed. This belt to me is the meaning of a new philosophy of life, of peace, control and discipline also I’ve found in the Valente Brothers excellent friends and professors who support me, advise me and help me to have a better life by offering the simplicity of spiritual, physical, mentally balanced and lead a healthy and positive life. Thanks Professor Pedro for your words in Philosophy Class!!! Thanks to all my teachers and to all my new friends for allowing me to come and share with you and learn from you the best of this art, never thought that I would LOVE Jiu-Jitsu and benefit from it so much with you all. I’m very lucky! And be prepared because now I’m going for my purple belt!”

Gracie C Fierro Giovanazzi