When Fighting Is Losing

This week Valente Brothers Fort Lauderdale hosted a security personnel liability reduction training program with Da Big Kahuna Restaurant & Tiki Bar. The class was instructed by Black Belt Bruce Belfield.

For years, Valente Brothers has been working with security personnel from night clubs, bars, arenas, and hotels to provide safer strategies and solutions to potentially dangerous situations. When teaching this course, Professor Pedro Valente says that, if a fight breaks out it means that a mistake was made. The idea of the Valente Brothers course is to identify possible areas and situations of threat and to utilize the art of anticipation. Also, according to Professor Valente, a security agent cannot afford to loose emotional control, especially considering that most patrons might be under the influence of alcohol and will, many times act inappropriately.

Watch below Channel 6 NBC Local News on the Valente Brothers teaching the Mynt Lounge security a few years ago.