The second edition of the Fudoshin Challenge was an outstanding opportunity for Valente Brothers’ students who regularly attend our sparring class to challenge themselves by dealing with the emotional pressures of fighting in public. In addition to the high level technical skill, participants and spectators demonstrated the Valente Brothers’ culture of respect, discipline and camaraderie.

The Fudoshin Challenge is a team competition designed exclusively to promote the technical and emotional development of all participants. Matches have no points and competitors are not told the exact length of their matches in advance. Victory by submission results in 3 points for the winning team and a draw amounts to 1 point being scored for both teams. The challenge, which was broadcasted live via Periscope, ended in a draw with each team scoring 23 points. Congratulations to everyone who participated and our warmest gratitude to all our students who did not participate but supported the challenge by cheering on the participants and promoting it on social media.